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Posted on 2020.01.01 at 20:00
Mood: bouncy
Music: can't tell me nothing. francis and the lights.
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Welcome to my sims journal. This entry is dated in the future so that it will always be at the top. If you've been here before feel free to scroll down and get to the good stuff! Basically, I'm Bee. I don't make a lot of custom content, but when I do it's all available to download here.

EDIT: In the beginning of January 2011 I had a huuuuge computer crash and lost basically everything. Instead of re-downloading my old defaults and cc I've decided to start over completely. I will leave the old default list up (but strike out the ones I no longer use) in case anyone is curious about a particular skin/etc I used in past screenshot. The defaults that do not have a strike through them are the ones I currently use (in any entry made after February 6, 2011).


  • Buffybot-Oepu Blend geneticized version (set 1)
  • Alien - Pale

  • Yumedust's 'Eye Love' on Anva sclera [defaults]
    [ my defaults are chocolate, starry, chill, chartreuse, and marble ]
    [ my defaults are bronze, submerge, cerulean, forest, and marble ]
  • Alien Defaults by kinemortophobia. [defaults]

  • These by Selzi of MTS2 [defaults]
  • Katu's Full Set of Default Face Replacement Templates
  • Default brows by SolidGoldFunk84

  • Fusion Lipstick Blends by Mango




    THE SIMS 3

  • Lady Frontbum's Naughty Skin and Face [default]

  • -Shady-'s Multicolor Eyes [defaults]






    Terms of Use
    Anything you see available for download is by me unless otherwise noted. I always credit other creators where applicable and I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same for me. Feel free to recolor/hack at/eat a fine Italian dinner with any of my downloads. I only ask that you do not upload them to paysites or the exchange. I would love to see anything you've made using my creations (including pictures of your sims/houses with my downloads in them). Please don't claim anything that I have made as your own. Other than that, do whatever you want!

    Please let me know if any of the links are out of date or if anything needs to be clarified either by commenting or shooting me a private message.

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